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Ecommerce website strategy

When designing an ecommerce website it is vital that you have a strategy in place. You need to think carefully about the process and about how people are going to get from your home page to product pages, through to completing the checkout process. You also need to consider that people may go directly to a product page from the search engine results page on Google, Bing or Yahoo for example. The checkout.. Read More

Mobile marketing – the way forward for 2018

Mobile marketing has grown massively over the last decade as more and more people are using their phones to not only search the internet but to make purchases. Mobile marketing includes marketing to people in a number of different ways using their phone as the way of connecting with them. When doing mobile marketing you will be looking to contact people through their mobile devices such as a phone or tablet via websites,.. Read More

More About Office Space Planning

The nature of your business matters a lot for the planning of your office space, and it is advantageous too. You should always make this sure that the space that is made available should efficiently be utilized for the maximum advantage for your organization. Installing the book shelves, letter holders, trash cans, filing cabinets, etc. should be done for conserving the available space. You should, however, always make this sure that your desk.. Read More

Preparing your Mobile Friendly Website Design

While the move over to the internet has been a pretty big change in environment for many businesses around the world, perhaps equally important has been the changes people have made with how they use the mobile phone. Nowadays, they’re used more like a PC than anything resembling what a phone used to be used for (sending and receiving telephone calls). We use them a lot to search for products and information, which.. Read More

Reasons why you should seriously consider working with product design companies

The process of developing an product (system or device) in a manner that it can be reproduced and sold to a target audience/market is known as product designing. Most of the activities which are related to product design are usually linked to issues such as the reliability, performance, cost, serviceability and most importantly quality of the product in question. All this prompt the question, “what exactly is the role and significance of product.. Read More