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Finding a decent printing company

Whether you are looking for a printing company to print thousands of t-shirts or cushions for you or whether you are looking for one that will print a few hundred business cards, finding a good quality printing company is essential. You need to try and find one that has either been recommended to you or that you have seen a lot of sample work and you are happy to go ahead with. Too.. Read More

What to consider when designing a logo?

A logo can be an important part of your business. It can give a first impression and should reflect what your business does in some way. Many people get too carried away with their logos and end up with something that is miles away from the ethos of the company. You need to also consider how and where it will be used. If you often use your logo on literature for example then.. Read More

How Logo Design can Help you in Making your online Identity

In the arena of designing, we always try to improve our artistic abilities and produce some creative and beautiful artwork. The logo design made by the young artists and designers should be distinct and creative. They should not loose details when we make them smaller. Logo design should look good in black and white, as needed in faxes copiers etc as well as in color. The logo designs are customized according to the.. Read More

The importance of a good company logo

A logo is an incredibly important part of a business. Your logo can give people an opinion on not only the company but even sometimes you as an individual (especially if you are a sole trader or relatively small company). It needs to sell you business on many levels and allow customers to easily recognise your brand. Ideally you want your customers to see your logo on a sign or board and know.. Read More

Long Single Page Websites

The world is essentially going more mobile, and tablet. This is why long websites with fewer pages are becoming widely used. If you’re a tablet user, you’ll know there’s nothing better than just scrolling through websites for content, rather than having to click to another page, or a drop down menu. Users want content fast, and scrolling is ideal for mobile users. If your business has a scrolling page your visitors can simply.. Read More