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Building a directory website

If you are looking to build a directory website then you need to plan very carefully how it is all going to work. You need to think about how you are going to allow people to sign up or if you want to manually take the sign ups and add them to the website yourself. This is often the cheapest way of doing it but does mean there is more work involved for.. Read More

Marketing your business

There are many ways in which you can market a business and these are often broken down in to online and offline marketing. Some avenues of marketing work better for some businesses than others. Often you need to experiment a bit to find out which marketing avenues suit your type of business the best. Below are a few examples of marketing for you to consider when working out where to spend your marketing.. Read More

How to work out what you need on your website

Overtime it is easy to clutter a website up by adding lots of different information and gadgets to it. These may not have been thought about when you originally had the website created and therefore they may not fit seamlessly in to the design. If you notice that your website has become harder to navigate round or that you have a higher bounce rate than usual it may be that you need to.. Read More

What your website says about you

When having a website designed it’s one thing finding a good web designer to build you a modern interesting website but it’s really up to yourself to choose the style of website you’d like and to understand that the design you go for can say a lot about your business. Simplicity – sometimes simplicity is best as its clear and concise and can convey basic information quickly to a potential customer making them.. Read More

Creating a flow chart for your website

When creating a new website you need to think carefully about all the information you need to add in to it. You will need to work out where and how this information is going to be displayed. The best way to do this is to create a flow chart of your site. Along the top of the flow chart you will have your main navigation with tabs such as about us, products, reviews.. Read More