Whether you are looking for a printing company to print thousands of t-shirts or cushions for you or whether you are looking for one that will print a few hundred business cards, finding a good quality printing company is essential.

You need to try and find one that has either been recommended to you or that you have seen a lot of sample work and you are happy to go ahead with. Too many printing companies claim to be far better than they actually are. Some smaller printing companies can also fill you full of confidence that they are able to cope with larger orders when really they are not set up to handle them and may have to end up out sourcing them to another firm or letting you down.

Before having your work printed to ensure that you always get a proof, ideally a printed one but if not at least a PDF. If there are any changes that need to be made, then request that they make the changes and then send you another PDF or sample to agree before the project goes to print. Unlike in web design, print work can often not be corrected and the whole job will need to be printed again.