Many businesses are now coming on board with social media marketing. Social media marketing is a fairly new concept where companies promote their products and services to customers through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Twitter is often harder to use for marketing than Facebook for the average business and some people simply do not understand how it works. Twitter has grown more in the last nine months than in the previous five years and this growth is expected to continue.

When creating a tweet, make sure that the voice is your own and that you bring a bit of your personality or brand into it. This will make people more likely to click on your links and retweet your posts.

Try and use keywords in your tweets as keywords are key when it comes to online marketing. Make a list of keywords and use them in your tweets. You only have a limited number of characters so chose your word carefully. You need to get the right balance between having advertising and business like tweets to having some that are a bit fun and more personal.

When someone follows you on twitter, why not mention them and follow them back to start to build up a community.